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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Liturgy.com™?

Liturgy.com™ is a comprehensive online resource for those who are preparing liturgies for Sundays, holy days, weekdays and selected special liturgies. We currently offer all the texts of the liturgies we support, song suggestions and other support materials in an easy-to-use format that will allow you to prepare a liturgical celebration at your computer, without the need to have a library of resources at hand. Liturgy.com™ gives suggestions that will allow you to make the fullest use of the options provided for in the Roman rite.

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How is Liturgy.com™ different from the competition?

Liturgy.com™ offers you all you need, when you need it. Easy, date-driven access to the official liturgical texts and concise support materials makes your planning process effortless. Its easy to be overwhelmed with information that you do not need; Liturgy.com™ provides exactly the right suggestions for songs and prayers. As a web-based resource, you are never tied to one computer. We save your planning data and preferences for you, and make them accessible anytime, anyplace. We do not require you to learn any complicated systems: if you have a web browser, Internet access, and a passion for planning liturgies, Liturgy.com™ is all you need.

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Why a web-based service?

It is web-based, which means that all the materials are accessible to you from anywhere you have Internet access. A web-based system also allows several users to work on the same planners automatically. Plan while at work, while traveling or at home, and at any time of the day. Long-time users of our LitPlan liturgy preparation software have been asking for a service like this. We are glad to be able to offer it now to all our customers!

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How is Liturgy.com™ different from LitPlan™?

Liturgy.com™ has many of the best features of LitPlan, but is also quite different. The main difference is that because it is an online service you can access your planners from any computer in the world that has an internet connection. Your subscription allows multiple users to work on the same planners. In addition Liturgy.com has a large number of additional features such as Scripture commentaries, bulletin notes, summaries of the Sacramentary prayers, Lectionary readings for the entire celebration, as well as an ordo to tell you what options to use in preparing the liturgy.

Some people will want to keep LitPlan™ because they keep all the information on the hard drive of their computer or because they do not want to transfer their saved liturgy data to Liturgy.com™. Others will switch to Liturgy.com™ so that they can access these planners from anywhere they have internet access.

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What is the cost of Liturgy.com™?

Liturgy.com™ is an annual subscription service. The cost is $129/year. Up to five users may register with each subscription.

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What happened to the Individual Edition, Parish Edition and Dailies Module?

Liturgy.com 1.2 was launched in late August 2007. At that time, we redesigned the site to include a colorful new interface and streamlined the subscription package and pricing, for the benefit of all subscribers.

The service now has one subscription package that includes all features of the Parish Edition with Dailies Module ($225/year), all for only $129/year. Weekday liturgy content and the collaboration tools (up to five users, planner sharing, etc.) are now available to all subscribers.

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When does the new price take effect?

Liturgy.com 1.2 was launched in late August 2007. At that time, all current subscribers (both Individual Edition and Parish Edition) could begin enjoying the advantages of the new subscription package, including the collaboration tools and weekday liturgy content. Your price, however, will not change until it is time for you to renew your subscription. Then your subscription will be upgraded to the new package price ($129/year).

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Who is Liturgy.com™ for?

Liturgy.com™ supports music ministers, presiders, liturgists and anyone striving to develop a life of prayer nourished by the liturgy. Liturgy.com™ will be especially beneficial for music ministers, offering timely music suggestions and easy-to-use planning forms. Once youve selected the music for a liturgy, you can even email the completed planning form to the cantor, choir, musicians and presiding minister.

Priests and deacons will appreciate Liturgy.com's homilies, Scripture commentaries and summaries of the liturgical seasons, all of which will help them form their own reflections. All ministers will appreciate the availability of texts and articles for each celebration.

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Who is writing and organizing the content of Liturgy.com™?

Much of the content of Liturgy.com™ comes from the official documents of the church: the Lectionary, Sacramentary, and other resources. Information on the saints of the day are translated from the new Roman Martyrology. All articles, commentaries, and summaries are signed so that users know that they come from trusted sources. All the information on Liturgy.com™ is reviewed and approved by Dr. Glenn CJ Byer, who earned his doctorate in sacred liturgy from the Pontifical Institute of Liturgy (San Anselmo) in Rome. Users can rest assured that the information here is in accord with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. You can view the complete list of authors by clicking here.

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Will Liturgy.com™ be available in Spanish?

There are many Spanish-language elements in Liturgy.com™, and eventually most aspects of Liturgy.com™ will be available in Spanish. Liturgy.com™ supports music ministers and pastors from Hispanic and bilingual parishes. Its Spanish-language support materials include prayers, readings, intercessions from Prayer of the Faithful (Oración de los Fieles), song suggestions featuring titles from Flor Y Canto, Segunda Edición and other liturgical resources.

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What worship resources does Liturgy.com™ support?

Liturgy.com™ provides song suggestions from the following worship resources:

Breaking Bread 2007
Breaking Bread 2007 with Readings
Breaking Bread 2008
Cánticos Segunda Edición
Companion Missal 2007
Companion Missal 2008
Flor y Canto
Flor y Canto Segunda Edición
Gather Comprehensive
Gather Comprehensive 2
Glory and Praise Classic Edition
Glory and Praise Comprehensive Edition
Glory and Praise Second Edition
Heritage Missal 2007
Heritage Missal 2008
Journeysongs Second Edition
Journeysongs Supplement 2002
Misal del Día 2007
Misal del Día 2008
Music Issue 2007
Music Issue 2008
Never Too Young: Spirit & Song for Young People
One Faith, Una Voz Assembly Book
Respond & Acclaim 2007
Respond & Acclaim 2008
Responde y Aclama 2007
Responde y Aclama 2008
Rise Up and Sing
Rise Up and Sing Second Edition
Ritual Song
Spirit & Song
Spirit & Song 2
Today's Missal Advent/Lent 2008
Today's Missal Ordinary/Christ the King 2007
Today's Missal Spanish Insert Advent/Lent 2008
Today's Missal w/Spanish Insert Ordinary/Christ the King 2007
Unidos en Cristo/United in Christ Music Resource 2006-2008
Young People's Glory and Praise Vol. 1 and Vol. 2
Choral Praise 1
Choral Praise 2
Choral Praise 3
Choral Praise Choral Only
Choral Praise Comprehensive
Choral Praise Comprehensive Second Ed.
The Choir Book
Traditional Choral Praise
2008 Spanish Missals Guitar Accompaniment Book
2008 Spanish Missals Keyboard Accompaniment Book
Guitar Accompaniment Book 2005
Guitar Accompaniment Supplement 2006
Guitar Accompaniment Supplement 2007
Guitar Accompaniment Supplement 2008
Keyboard Accompaniment Book 2005
Keyboard Accompaniment Book- Low Key Edition
Keyboard Accompaniment Supplement 2006
Keyboard Accompaniment Supplement 2007
Keyboard Accompaniment Supplement 2008
Solo Instrument Accompaniment Book 2005
Solo Instrument Accompaniment Supplement 2006
Solo Instrument Accompaniment Supplement 2007
Solo Instrument Supplement 2008
Spanish Missals Guitar Accompaniment
Spanish Missals Guitar Supplement 2006
Spanish Missals Keyboard Accompaniment
Spanish Missals Keyboard Supplement 2006

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Can I purchase music resources from Liturgy.com™?

Yes, there are many links to music resources on the OCP web site. By following those links from Liturgy.com™, you can browse products on the OCP site and purchase them through the shopping cart. If you're not ready to purchase, you can return to Liturgy.com™ through the "return to Liturgy.com™" icon on the OCP site. Liturgy.com™ will then notify you if you have items to purchase in the OCP shopping cart.

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Does Liturgy.com™ offer the indexes from the OCP missal and hymnal programs?

Our song search allows you to search by Scripture book, topic, liturgical use, ritual, and according to liturgical day and season, all taken from the database used to generate the indexes for the OCP hymnals and missals.

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Can you make a worship aid out of the Liturgy.com™?

If you have a subscription to PrintandPraise.com Worship Program, you can export your completed Liturgy.com™ planner to PrintandPraise.com™, which allows you to turn the data into a worship aid, ready for downloading and printing.

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Are non-OCP music resources supported?

We are pleased to provide song suggestions from Gather Comprehensive and RitualSong (by GIA Publications). In the future, additional resources will be supported.

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Are there suggestions for art and environment?

Currently, there are recommendations for liturgical art and environment in the articles by Paul Covino.

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Do you offer a trial period so I can try Liturgy.com™ before I purchase my subscription?

Your satisfaction as a customer is our highest priority. Trial subscriptions can be obtained by contacting Customer Support and a representative will assist you.

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How do I purchase a subscription to Liturgy.com™?

Click here to register today!

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How does Liturgy.com™ select which celebration to show when I first log in?

After logging in, content for the next chronological celebration is displayed until you select another date from a Calendar page.

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Why don't I see all of My Liturgies on the home page?

The home page is an abbreviated listing of your most recently planned liturgies; you can click the "more" link, or access a complete list of your saved liturgies on the My Liturgies page of the Planner section.

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How do I view celebrations other than those listed in Coming Celebrations?

Click the "more" link, or from the Calendar page of most sections, you are able to view a complete listing of coming celebrations.

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How do I return to the Liturgy.com™ home page?

You can always return to the home page by clicking the Liturgy.com™ logo in the upper left-hand corner of any page.

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