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Imagine having the combined liturgical training and experience of OCP's staff at your disposal. As a service for members, Ask the Liturgist deals with any question surrouding the liturgy, whether it is the Eucharist, the other sacraments or rites. The answers always cite the appropriate legislation of the Church so that you will know the answer is in keeping with the teaching of the Church. Here is an example of an answer, as well as some of the recent topics the experts at Ask the Liturgist have dealt with:

Jul. 25, 2007 Baptisms

Is the Penitential Rite omitted when Baptisms are celebrated during Mass?

This is an interesting question in large part because the ritual used in the United States does not lay out the liturgy of baptism during Mass. It describes what to do, but does not lay the liturgy out in detail the way it does the one outside of Mass. The reason for this is that the form outside of Mass is considered normative, the form during Mass as somewhat exceptional.

The ritual used in Canada does give a detailed layout, and in that source no penitential rite is found.

In the US ritual book, paragraph 29 of the Introduction for the Baptism of Children says, "The rite of receiving the children takes place at the beginning of Mass, and the greeting and penitential rite are omitted."

By Glenn CJ Byer, MA SLD

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