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About Liturgy.com™

Launched in February 2002, Liturgy.com™ is designed for use by both individuals and parishes. Hailed as the most comprehensive, easy-to-use, and affordable online liturgy preparation resource, it gives you everything you need to prepare Sunday, holy day, weekday and special liturgies.


Collaboration Tools
Fosters the collaboration every parish needs! Up to five users share a single account, allowing pastoral musicians and liturgists to work together on upcoming liturgies. Individual users can access multiple accounts. Import planners from one account to another. Tracks who entered what and when.

Music Planner
The jewel of the site! Song suggestions for Sundays and special liturgies, grouped by repertoire and based on your preferences and pew resources.

Lectionary citations and complete readings for every Sunday as well as many special liturgies, such as holy days or weddings.

Sacramentary prayers for each Sunday, including entrance antiphons, sung verses, and texts for throughout the liturgy.

Suggested prayer selections and celebration summarieswritten exclusively for Liturgy.comfor each Sunday of the year.

Weekday Liturgy Content
Everything you need to prepare weekday liturgies. Includes planner, song suggestions, Lectionary readings, and more.

Ask the Liturgist
Answers to questions about liturgical norms. Includes an archive of questions and answers, organized by topic and date.

Scholarly and pastoral articles for every Sunday of the year, with music suggestions and a sense of the celebration.

Spanish Resources
Lectionary readings, Sacramentary prayers, song suggestions, planning guides, prayers of the faithful and bulletin notes.

A complete homily by respected theologians and preachers for each Sunday and selected feasts of the year.

Special Liturgies
Music suggestions, readings, Sacramentary prayers and more for funerals, weddings, ordinations, etc.

Email Notification System
Lets you send your completed planner to any number of recipientsfostering the collaboration every parish needs.

Prayer of the Faithful
Intercessions based on the suggestions in Prayer of the Faithful, OCPs popular intercessory prayer resource.

Bulletin Notes
Thought-provoking notes and beautiful images for liturgical catechesis in weekly bulletins and inserts.

Original, exclusive writing by some of todays most respected preachers, Scripture scholars and pastoral liturgy experts.

Cost: $129/year

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